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A little about me and what makes me…well…me

So I wanted a blog where I could talk a bit more about myself, my job, family and such and what makes me, well…me. I have a couple other blogs I maintain, but those are specific to certain aspects of my life, whereas I wanted this one to be more inclusive.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, graduated from Louisiana Tech University (Go Dawgs!) I have been calling Texas home for the past…..six years now.

Steph and me

I am a Denton-based journalist, currently covering county government and doing video for the Denton Record-Chronicle newspaper. A job that has ups and downs like any other, but one I enjoy doing. Family wise I have a big support system there and a stress system in the case of my kids at times.

My other half is Stephney Keller, who has been a wellspring of support and encouragement for me to get off my duff and make some things happen for myself, which I have done better at in recent years.

I have four kids. Yep, four. Two boys, Jacob (11) & Caleb (11), and two girls, Angelina (11) and Naiyalyn (6).

Caleb (L) and Jacob (R) growing up far too quickly.

Angie (L) and Naiya (R), my baby girls.

A handful to be sure, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have interests in sports, like any other person. My main sport is football. I’m a die-hard Denver Broncos fan and have been since I was in the 4th grade. I was raised on the Cowboys I will say, but living in Texas and around Cowboy fans has diluted any sort of positive energy I could ever put toward Dallas.

I watch basketball on occasion, college women’s ball more than anything else as I just love my UCONN Huskies. On the men’s side, my brother got me into Georgetown. We’d watch Hoya games when I was a kid. On the pro level, I am a Knicks fan, so I am glad to see them doing well after years of medicocrity. Hockey….zzzz, wake me when there is a fight….baseball….woefully boring….and soccer? Don’t get me started on that hot mess. I know people out there like it, I have friends who are die-hard fans and I played it as a kid, but I just can’t get into it now.

Me and Jermaine, my brother from another mother.

Speaking of my brother earlier. I have two of them. An older brother, Andre and my brother from another mother, Jermaine. Been tight with him since he and I were in first and second grade and it continues today. All goes well, he and I will soon be living out our childhood dreams of producing movies, comic books and all types of things together.

I’m a huge gamer and toku geek. I would define toku here, but it will pop up enough in this blog for people to understand what it is.

So that, while jumping around a lot is a little bit of what makes me, me. As I continue this blog it will give more insight as to reporter Bj, family man Bj and goal-focused dreamer Bj.

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