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Selling my DSLR camera and much love for Power Rangers.

Hopefully everyone out in the internet world is having a good day. Especially Joe, my #1 fan and reader on my blog. Such a kind fellow that Joe.

Kinda bummed. No one is buying my Canon t3i DSLR camera. I have had it listed on the ol Craigslist as well as Ebay and Amazon for a couple days now. Had one looooowball offer but that’s it. It’s still working mind you, I just used it this past weekend to shoot as a matter of fact. I am just jumping up to a fullframe DSLR camera. The t3i and all I have with it in the way of accessories won’t help me now so I am trying to offload it to someone who wants to get into DSLR shooting. A year ago, it was new to me and I have learned a ton since then and I am constantly learning more. It has served me in videos for work, which I have shown and videos outside of work. Shorts and Web series stuff that I am working on. You can see that sort of stuff more in depth at http://taurianfilmsnews.wordpress.com

The cast of Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

I have slashed the price a little bit more in hopes that will get a bite. If not then I will trade it in on Amazon and get some credit there and use that towards getting a lens, but I would love cash. Who wouldn’t right?

Though if I had cash, I’d likely go to Wally World and pick up another booster pack for the Power Rangers Action Card Game. It came out recently in conjunction with the new season of Power Rangers, Megaforce (which is also the 20th anniversary celebration season). I’ve been a geek for Power Rangers since I was a kid. I was there from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers through today. I can remember my mom telling me stories of parents having literal fist fights in the aisles over the original Megazord. (Which I still have).

Watched it all through the years…well until Turbo when they brought in 12-year-old Blake Foster and made him into a ranger. I tapped out after that. I watched a sprinkle of the seasons going forward here and there, but I didn’t get full on back into Power Rangers until Ninja Storm around 2003. Many many moons after Turbo. It was the first time you saw a cast who seemed to be having fun with their roles and the story. Not to mention they had epic chemistry.  Outside of the tried and true first season, Ninja Storm is my fave.

Myself and Dan Southworth (Quantum Ranger, L) and Jason Faunt (Time Force Red, R). This picture made my weekend.

So I been hooked since, on Power Rangers and the original program it is based off of, Super Sentai. Now I could go on forever about that and the origins of Power Rangers and the great seasons of Sentai that American viewers will likely never be exposed to…*sigh*…but I won’t. I bored enough people back in college when I did a speech on it. It was supposed to go five minutes and I went 12. People must have hated me.

But I love it. Love it so much I went to a Power Ranger convention in Cali last August and geeked out with tons of other Ranger fans from around the world. It was all because of Steph I was able to go and marked out first big trip together by ourselves with no kids. Was good to get away and a good time. Next one is in 2014 and I will be ready with a suit this time.

But I digress. Originally this was on my camera woes, but I just love talking PR.

But I will quit while I am ahead.

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