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Confirmed Rangers for Power Rangers Mega Force! Finally!

So after all the speculating, the talking and the b/s spewed forth on multiple front of the internet and social media, we know who the 10 returning Rangers will be for the second season of Mega Force.

Jason David Frank (Tommy – MMPR Green/White, PRZ Red, PRT Red, PRDT Black)

Selwyn Ward (TJ – Space Blue, Turbo Red)
Danny Slavin (Leo – Lost Galaxy Red)
Reggie Rolle (Damon – Lost Galaxy Green)
Melody Perkins (Astronema/Karone – Lost Galaxy Pink)
Sean Johnson (Carter – Lightspeed Red)
Alison MacInnis (Dana – Lightspeed Pink)
Jason Faunt (Wes – Time Force Red)
Jason Smith (Casey – Jungle Fury Red) Also writing some episodes of Super Megaforce.
Alex Heartman (Jayden – Samurai Red)
Hector David Jr (Mike – Samurai Green)
Brittany Pirtle (Emily – Samurai Yellow)

Now I will be the first to admit that line up doesn’t fill me with off the wall excitement outside of TJ and Wes. I was never into Samurai. That cast may be filled with nice people and all but the story sucked and the acting on the show was horrid. Hector had some moments, but Brittany was pretty bad the entire time and don’t get me started on her ADR work. That being said I am a sucker for any team up no matter how bad it is. I will still watch Time for Lightspeed, and that was the worst team up in history…..scratch that….Shellshocked with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teaming up with the Space Rangers was the worst…..I wish I was kidding about that but it actually happened.

Jason Faunt makes it well worth it for me. He is Daniel Southworth are two of my favorite Rangers and it made my PMC3 last summer to get a pic with them. They were even cool enough to redo the pic the next day because my eyes were closed in it. Great great guys and glad to see at least one of them back in Ranger capacity.

Jason David Frank, well that was no surprise. But it’s always cool to see Tommy, though I hope he won’t be worshiped like he was in Forever Red.

Danny Slavin, he and Sean Johnson I am curious to see again just to see how they look these days. Are they any better actors, have they ballooned up like some of them do. Melody Perkins, wow I never even knew she was on anyone’s radar for a return so that came out of left field for me. Jason Smith’s involvement is interesting as well. And learning that he is a writer on some of the shows now is pretty cool. We have even seen proof that he watches the Sentai episodes alongside writing the adapted American script! Crazy right? Who would have thunk it?!

What I am also glad we are past is the crap with the invite e-mail. Apparently a generic invite was sent out to all past Rangers about coming back for cameos and then some Rangers were uninvited after they originally agreed. If that is to be believed. There’s been a lot of misinformation thrown out there…speculation and saving face by lots of people. Karan Ashley (Aisha, MMPR Yellow) chief among them. I won’t get far into her deal because it’s been online enough and has been fodder for TMZ and I am sure Karan is loving the attention her radio show is now getting. The thing I didn’t understand about getting past Rangers back was not tapping into the ones who are still in New Zealand or the ones like Jessica Rey, who said they wanted to be in on the cameos. But what do I know…and maybe they are still used in some kind of secret way…who knows? No one us do, of course it doesn’t keep us from speculating.

It’s funny to see how now that we have confirmed Rangers and pix of them from the flight to New Zealand, how the venom and vitriol from a lot of the fan base has died down and how everyone is all of a sudden super happy with things. Just shows the fickle nature of the internet I suppose.

But we have our Rangers. Of course we don’t know how they will be used. There were episodes of Gokaiger where the past Rangers were used in brief cameos, and some where they were integral to the plot and the lesson the Gokaiger had to learn in order to access their powers. So it will be interesting to see what Mega Force does with things. Of course we won’t know till….I dunno…next year…thanks to Nick’s crappy schedule for airing TV shows. You never know when they are starting or ending one of their fun hiatus periods.

Ah well, I have plenty of Sentai and other stuff to tied me over until they decide to start airing Mega Force again.

  1. May 24, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    Reblogged this on Taurian Films.

  2. feelingblind
    May 31, 2013 at 10:49 am

    I’m thrilled that we’re getting eleven former rangers back for this, that’s pretty amazing. We could gotten a lot less. It’s good to see some of the actors returning are former teammates, so they already have that on-screen chemistry and comradery established.

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