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DOMA down.

So have to blog more.

And yes I say that pretty much every blog post.

Wanted to check in and share a vid I did of the Keep Denton Queer rally on the Square here in Denton last night to celebrate SCOTUS’ decision on the Defense of Marriage Act. We worked on a story earlier in the day getting reactions from a variety of people with ties or opinions to the issue.

I won’t get on a soapbox about things as many people I have seen and some of them my friends that I know can express views better than I can, but in short, I am all for marriage equality. let people love and marry who they want to. We have far better things to worry about in the world, far bigger problems abroad and especially at home that people don’t seem to care about. Leave folks alone.

There, end of soapbox.

Here’s my vid on it though.

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