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The Flash is everywhere these days…

Seems like a good time to be a fan of the Flash.

Coming on the heels of the San Diego Comic-Con chatter about a Flash movie being looked at and the Flashpoint Paradox animated movie that just came out it has been announced that the Flash will appear in not one, but three episodes of CW’s “Arrow” series, with his appearances set to be used as a backdoor pilot for a Flash series.

Interesting news to say the least.

The Flash they are using is Barry Allen and reportedly they won’t take the Smallville approach of stupid sweatsuits and names that wink and dance around who the actual character is. It has already been said this guy will be the Flash. It will be interesting indeed to see how they pull off his powers, since everything about Arrow says they are trying to stick to the ‘reality, grounded’ spin that so many superhero projects have to get stuck with these days. It was only going to be a matter of time before powers made their way to Arrow, but I for one didn’t think it would be this soon and with the Flash.

People are wondering about whether or not this will be used as a way to establish these characters and give them some development before having them appear in the big screen Justice League movie that the WB/DC allegedly plan to have before the masses sometime this century. I don’t see anyone from the smallscreen CW shows appearing on the big screen. I just don’t.

I like the idea of a Flash series or any series about characters they can’t swing on the big screen. I mean they could if they wanted, but WB really has no faith in any DC character not named Batman or Superman. After the travesty that was the Green Lantern , it is easy to see why, but I honestly don’t see how they thought Green Lantern was going to be anything more than the suckfest that it was.

Old School John Wesley Shipp Flash was great TV.

I enjoyed the old school Flash series with John Wesley Shipp in the title role as Barry Allen. I have the series on DVD. Looking at it now, it is of course a bit dated, but it was still a solid show. With today’s tech anyone with a decent computer and After Effects can do decent Flash super speed FX, so I know the network can throw a few dollars toward the FX and dazzle viewers.

Guess we just have to wait and see how it turns out. I dunno about other people, but patience isn’t my strong suit, But I guess we have to make do.

As an example of non network people doing a decent Flash, he’s the first episode of a web series being done on the Flash.


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