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Affleck is Batman?! The real question is the Batvoice!

I am a day late and a dollar short in some ways, but I was offline most of yesterday so I didn’t see the news until late that Warner had cast Ben Affleck as Batman in the upcoming 2015 Batman/Superman movie.

Apparently the internet exploded at the news with hateful rhetoric and threats of boycotts and petitions and this and that from people who were against it.

Ben Affleck is the new Batman, how will he do, hmmm....

Ben Affleck is the new Batman, how will he do, hmmm….

I had stopped paying attention to the casting rumors after seeing names like Ryan Gosling and Orlando Bloom pop up.  So this news was a bit out of left field, at least for me. But I can dig it. I like Affleck. A lot of people crap on his part as Daredevil nearly a decade ago, but that was not that bad of a movie and Director’s Cut is a lot better than people give credit for. And lest we not forget the internet lost its sanity when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker in the Dark Knight and now there are petitions popping up for no one else to ever be the Joker because Ledger did such a great job. But the internet excels at overreaction so why would one expect anything to be different.

Me, I have only a couple questions.

One, I thought they were going with a younger Bats. At least that was my first thought, but if you look at the comic timeline and when in theory, Bruce would have been done with his training and all he did in preparation for the cape and cowl, he would have been early 30s. This Batman is supposed to be a veteran crime fighter, so I can see him being Affleck’s age.

Two, the Batvoice.

At the end of the day, this is happening. Enjoy it.

At the end of the day, this is happening. Enjoy it.

Bale’s Batvoice was horrendous in the Nolan trilogy. It was bad in the first one and it just got worse in the next two. My god, to hear it in the Dark Knight Rises…I will likely never watch that movie again simply because of his voice. I had read online that they jacked with in post to make it sound like that.

On purpose.

Uh, WTF much?

I mean I know they all can’t be as perfect as Kevin Conroy, but come on. But I will wait and see. People cried foul when Downey was cast as Tony Stark…When Chris Evans was cast as Captain America…with the Thor casting…the Wolverine casting…I mean, are you seeing the pattern here? Just shut up and wait and see.

We’re getting Batman and Superman. On screen. Live action. Same movie.

Just enjoy it.

My list of Best Bat Men


2) Kilmer (great Bats in a terrible Bat-film)

3) Bale

4) West

5) Clark Bartram (Batman: Dead End, look it up)

6) Lewis Wilson

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