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Denver rolls over Baltimore! Yes! Yes! Yes!

There are course other sports writers and bloggers who can wax poetic about the Denver Broncos shalacking of the Baltimore Ravens last night, but who cares about them? You’re here for my take, the Bj Lewis, Mostly Intrepid Reporter take on the great start to what I hope is a banner year for my Denver Broncos.

Peyton Manning just slinging it!

Peyton Manning just slinging it!

While the scoreboard indicated we really put it on the Ravens, the game was not without some concerns to me, both upfront.

On the offensive side we racked up about 65 yards rushing alongside 445 passing yards and seven passing TD’s. That’s all fine and dandy, we know Peyton can sling it. And We now know that BOTH Thomas’ are beasts and Welker is going to be everything we thought and expected him to be. Decker had an off night, but he is a stud as well and he will get it together. That being said, if we have no run game and allow ourselves to get woefully one sided, people are going to kick our butts. We can’t let that happen.

On the other side of the ball, our defensive front needs Von Miller back. I am still wanting to put a foot in our all pro’s hind parts for screwing up and allowing himself to get suspended for the first six games. Especially since games against the Cowboys and the Colts fall in the first six games. Those are going to be prime smack talking games. I would prefer to have Miller in the mix.

But while we racked up four sacks, early on in the game, it seemed like our offense could not really touch Flacco. Now we cannot do that against some of the other teams we play, who can easily throw 21 up on us as easily as breathing. The Ravens were shooting themselves in the foot with crappy play that we managed to capitalize on including the Welker Turf Tuck Catch. I was glad Peyton got the next play off taking away their ability to challenge the play as it would have most assuredly been overturned and who knows if the momentum would have swung in our favor like it did by scoring on the next play.

All in all I am happy for how we performed, Trevathan’s blunder notwithstanding, but I am hoping the areas I am concerned about can be fixed as we go forward. And I expect they will, I mean it was only the first game. But it was a win and a decisive win over the team that we should have beat last year in the playoffs. I have no doubt we see them again and I just hope we have the same dominant outcome.


Team Stats

Bal Den
First Downs 24 24
Total Yards 393 510
Turnovers 3 3
Time of Possesion 33:48 26:12
First Downs 24 24
Passes for First 18 20
Rushes for First 3 2
Penalties for First 3 2
Third Down Efficiency 8-22 8-15
Fourth Down Efficiency 0-1 0-0
Total Yards 393 510
Total Plays 87 68
Avg Gain Per Play 4.5 7.5
Net Yards Rushing 58 65
Rushes 21 23
Yards Per Rush 2.8 2.8
Net Yards Passing 335 445
Comp-Att 34-62 27-42
Yards Per Pass 5.1 9.9
Times Sacked 4 3
Yds Lost To Sacks 27 17
Interceptions 2 0
Punts 10 7
Punt Average 45.6 45.6
Penalties 7 8
Penalty Yards 53 61
Fumbles 1 3
Fumbles Lost 0 2
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