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Where was I..? #wherewereyou

Of course everyone knows what that question is referring to. I am not of course old enough to have it refer to MLK or JFK, no, for me and many many others it applies to 9/11 and where we were when it happened. Now I won’t go into a super long post about the day and the meaning and historical significance, there are plenty of blogs and news stories out there that will do that. 911

Me, I was a student at Louisiana Tech University at the time. I was walking through the student center to get something to drink, on my way to my next class. I saw people in the place, virtually everyone glued to the TVs from where they were sitting or standing. The only people not looking were ones like myself who just arrived. However once we did look up and we did read the ticker and see the footage and knew what was going on, we were hypnotized as well.

It was part horror, part awestruck, part WTF and Holy-you-know-what. I stayed there for several hours, in that one spot, just watching it all play out.

It was a heckuva thing to witness. And of course the information that trickled out, the lives lost, the ones who perpetrated the heinous act…it makes ya supremely angry. Even…what are we at…12 years later…lots of people are still hurt, still angry, still grieving over lives lost, first responders, men, women, children, so many lives snuffed out for callous and cruel reasons.

It’s a wound that won’t ever go away and I don’t think it should. We should never forget what happened, but also seek answers as to why. And it’s not as simple as us versus Muslims like people will sweep it in with. At least I don’t think it is. But we need to find the root of the problem and attack that. Not each other, not our fellow Americans or even fellows from other countries, just because, just because we’re angry and need to lash out and need someone to blame.

We have to remember and we have to learn because through those two things, any a few other steps (and I don’t meant the super inclusive and intrusive government rights violating steps we have seen play out), we can prevent. And that is what we need to do, prevent.

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