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Not fun to be a Lucky 5-0

If I wasn’t bald, the hair on my head would be decidedly grayer after that game between the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys Sunday. Now I thought would could beat Dallas. I thought Peyton could drop 50 points in Dallas. What I did not think is that it would take 50+ points to win the friggan game! It’s like someone hijacked the game and turned it into some Madden game with the way the teams were scoring and how defense was a complete non factor.

It pained me to see our secondary getting torched the way they did as well as Peyton throwing his first pick of the season on a really crappy pass he should not have tried to make. Bronco haters are quick to tell us to shut up because Denver won the game. We won the game based on Tony Romo’s tendency to screw up at the end of games. We had to overcome bad inconsistent defensive play and a couple offensive turnovers to boot.

Knownshon Moreno running over some Cowgirls.

Knownshon Moreno running over some Cowgirls.

We will not be able to do that against better teams and expect to win. Of course looking at the AFC right now, who is really that much of a better team? Everyone who is supposed to be good is kind of sucking. And the teams who are beating these good teams are mediocre was well. The Colts and the Chiefs have me paying close attention to things, those will be great upcoming games. And we will have Von Miller back for both which is sorely needed.

We’re 5-0 but we were not a good looking 5-0 yesterday. We have a lot to work on and I hope we do so we don’t slip and let Jacksonville come into our house and kick the crap out of us.

One consistent highlight of the afternoon was being able to watch the game side by side with my dad, something that has never once happened before. It was great. It was something I wish I had an opportunity to do more of as a kid and something I wish I had my sons to be able to do that with. But things will work out in time.

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