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A few days later the Denver loss still stings.

So it has been a few days and while it has taken some of the edge off, I am still steamed over the game my beloved Broncos dropped in Indy on Sunday.  It was an emotionally charged game with Peyton Manning returning home to face his old team and the young QB the team booted him for. So many story lines to play out from Manning, Luck and the Colts’ stupid owner Jim Irsay who routinely makes Joe Biden-esque gaffs.

Peyton Manning acknowledging the ovation he received Sunday in his return to Indy.

Peyton Manning acknowledging the ovation he received Sunday in his return to Indy. He Showed up to play. Too bad many of the other Broncos did not.

After props to Manning in the form of a video tribute and a loud ovation from the crowd it was game time. And it was hard game to watch. Our defense was horrendous for the most part, Manning was off, out run game was non-existent, our protection broke down late causing a turnover, our special teams were off. We committed a number of stupid pointless penalties and allowed for stupid turnovers. Our backs were against the wall late and while we overcame a two score difference and pulled close to a comeback victory we had things like Hillis fumbling on the 2 yard line after Manning did his Manning best shredding the defense in the 4th quarter and moving us down the field like a machine.

We had a couple moments of buffoonery kill our momentum in drives and at the end of the day a kneel down by Luck sealed the game, our first loss and positioned us to be looking up at the 7-0 Kansas City Chiefs. Looking at how they played the Texans Sunday worried me. I know the Texans were not at 100 percent with Schaub out (but is that not an upgrade the way he’s been playing, lol) and Arian Foster leaving early…but the defensive front of the Chiefs was ridiculous with their pressure and with us already having run problems, it could make for a long day.

I am still optimistic about the season though. I mean I knew we’d drop one game at the least, and I am not hard pressed to see an undefeated season. I just didn’t want this game to be one of the losses, but hey, better now than in the playoffs right?

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