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Monday down….six more to go till Super Sunday.

Monday…six days away from what is on paper, potentially one of the greatest Super Bowls we have ever seen.

I am excited about football in general. Excited about this game as I have been in years past even when my team has not been in it. And it has been a looooooooooooong time since we have been in it. But here we are, led to the promised land by one Peyton Manning. It’s a great feeling to get here having smashed the defending Super Bowl champion Ravens on opening day this season and then having to go through the great Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck to get to the game of all games.

Last time we were here was on the back of John Elway en route to back to back Super Bowl wins and Elway riding off into the sunset of his career. And here we are with another hall of fame QB who might do the same thing. Personally I hope and think he will honor the three year deal he signed with the Broncos and then he is done. I just hope he goes out with back to back Super Bowl wins as difficult as it will be. But that is the future. The present is now and standing in our way are a red hot Seahawks team that is young and very hungry.

But we have some hungry guys on our team as well.

Either way it will be exciting and exciting for me as it has not been in many many years. Curious to see the commercials, even if nothing can really top the hilarity of the Amp commercial from years back or the heart wrenching feeling the Budweiser 9/11 commercial did, but nine times out of 10 they are pretty darn entertaining. And I am waiting to see our first look at Transformers 4…crossing my fingers it doesn’t suck like pretty much every other one of them has.

But we will find out in six days…six very very very long days from now.

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